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Technical analysis for beginners

Technical analysis is a method for analyzing historical, recurring graphic price patterns in securities such as shares, currencies, futures, and more. The hypothesis is that a market follows certain patterns that make it possible to predict future price movements and developments. I have worked full-time with trading for 20 years in the US and Europe […]

Ed Seykota’s Books

Jack Schwager, in his book Market Wizards, says that Ed Seykota was responsible for turning one client’s account from a mere $5,000 to $15,000,000. He did this in just 12 years! This is as great an achievement as any trader can hope to have, and it definitely puts Ed Seykota among some of the most legendary traders to […]

Two commonly used terms in technical analysis are Support (S) and Resistance (R)

It is that level of a stock, below which prices do not fall for the time being. It acts like a floor where the price gets support and rebounds upwards. It assumes importance when prices are falling. Suppose we look at the price action of a stock. For example, price of ABC Ltd is falling […]

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