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We have discussed the concept of Support and Resistance in a different section. As a continuation of that, we introduce the concept of Pivot Point. Let PP be the Pivot Point. It is defined as PP = (H + L + C) / 3 where H is High, L is Low and C is Close […]


Technical analysis of stocks, futures, forex etc. starts from understanding the TICK. It is the basic starting point and one has to clearly understand the implications of it. We will explain this in terms of share prices. A TICK looks this. The highest point of the line is the day’s highest price, the lowest point […]


In a previous post, I have discussed in detail the concept of moving average. I have also demonstrated the concept with the help of examples. Here we will discuss a technical indicator known as the Bollinger Band (BB). It is an indicator which uses the concept of moving average, but combines it with the concept of […]


I have already explained what the technical indicator Bollinger Band means and ways to interpret it. Here we will apply this tool for stock selection and timing of entry. Figure 1 Consider the example of ICICI Bank in Figure 1. Ellipse 1, 5 & 6 establish that when the actual prices tend to hug either […]

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